Smart India Hackathon 2018

Ministry : Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology(MeitY)
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Problem Statment(s) : 1
Sector : Infrastructure
Category : hardware
Priority : high
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Driven by the enormous challenge of reducing oil dependence in India for transportation and also curbing environmental pollution from vehicle emissions in metropolitan cities, rapid adoption of alternate green technologies for vehicles on road is now seen as inevitable. The government’s vision for complete conversion to electric vehicles (EV) by 2030 has provided entrepreneurship opportunities to innovate affordable ways for converting existing petrol and diesel cars into electric cars. The conversion of old vehicles into electric vehicles through retrofitting has already been allowed by the Central Government through official notification. Since an EV has no internal combustion engine, the conversion process involves removal of majority of the vehicle parts related to the fuel combustion system and installing suitable electric powertrain and other systems for better efficiency and reduced travel cost. The challenge is to develop intellectual property (software and hardware) and off the shelf components to create high performance and high efficiency retro-fit kits for existing vehicle models on Indian roads. Advancements in systems integration engineering, controls, battery, electric motor and power electronics technologies have created an opportunity for small and medium scale technology companies and start-ups to design solutions to these problems. With cost of technology, batteries and renewable energy coming down, the solutions can become viable for even mini- and mid-segment car owners. Affordable retro-fit solutions along with their low maintenance costs could trigger mass adoption by both private and commercial vehicle owners in the country.

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