Smart India Hackathon 2018

Ministry : Department of Telecommunications. Ministry of Communication
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and present the same in pictorial format to the user so as to assess the Quality of service in that location (i)Pushing and aggregation of the information collected as above to a central location so as to get a meaningful coverage quality measurement for different TSPs and will generate a feedback regarding mobile network QoS. (ii)The app shall have feature of functioning in offline mode and data shall be pushed to server when the coverage is available. Expected Outcome: Licensor/ Regulator and finally the TSP’s can take proactive measure for network quality improvement based on the feedback of common man.

Thus, it implies that even the connections have been obtained from different Telecom Service Providers (TSPs), the cumulative count should not exceed nine. Since there is no connectivity among the different TSPs’ subscriber databases therefore the TSPs are bound to limit the query within their own database to ensure that the new connection which is going to be activated does not cross the above count. There is no mechanism with TSP to check the no. of connections working for that individual with other TSPs. Expected Outcome An app and web application may be developed through which anyone can query the combined mobile subscriber databases of all the TSPs in a Licensed Service Area (LSA) so that- (i)Any citizen can know the list of mobile connections working against her/ his Aadhaar number in an LSA. This information should be provided in an authentic manner only to actual Aadhaar allottee. (ii) DoT can know the list of mobile connections working against a particular Aadhaar number in an LSA. The application should also be capable of generating the list of those mobile connections, count of which are more than a specific number for a particular Aadhaar number. Additional Information DoT requires each TSP to provide mobile subscriber data in a predefined format at regular intervals. Thus, solution to this problem should consider merging data from all the TSPs