Smart India Hackathon 2018

Ministry : Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
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Problem Statment(s) : 1
Sector : Technology
Category : hardware
Priority : high
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2. Problem Statement Pilferage and adulteration of gasoline, diesel and kerosene on fuel tankers en-route from terminals to retail outlets pose a major problem in downstream petroleum product handling. The tankers can be provided with fuel filling and drain valves/lids which are monitored online for the instant/location and duration of their openings. Driver is not supposed to open these valves/lids and should be opened only in case of emergency situation. The online monitoring system with GPS shall reveal whether tanker has been pilferaged or adulterated en-route from terminal to retail outlets. 3. Sample Data Required, if yes, please describe: Pilot project can be taken up before mass implementation. 4. Name of CSIR Lab : CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun (To be carried out with collaboration from software developers, electronic laboratories and industries having expertise in on-line GPS based monitoring) 5. Nodal Person and Contact Details (Name, Designation, Mobile No. and Email): Wittison Kamei, Sr. Scientist, Mobile: 8126048681, E-mail:

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