Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER)

MDONERacts as a facilitator between the Central Ministries/ Departments and the State Governments of the North Eastern Region including Sikkim in the economic development including removal of infrastructural bottlenecks, provision of basic minimum services, creating an environment for private investment and to remove impediments to lasting peace and security in the North Eastern Region including, Sikkim.
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Government has launched Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) to provide best technical training linked with employment for unemployed youths of country. Various training programs in various sectors are being conducted under PMKVY. There is a requirement of system through which youths after getting themselves registered may get day to day alert/information of notification issued for section of candidates for imparting them skill development training under the scheme. This will enable candidates to opt for suitable course as per their eligibility and apply for the courses on time without unnecessary hassle.

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There is a requirement of system to showcase latest technologies in North Eastern Region. This may help commercialize new products and technologies being implemented in various sectors in North Eastern Region. This may enable us to create database of innovations in the identified sectors. It may be utilized to showcase new machinery and technologies available in the country to enable entrepreneurs in the North Eastern region to adopt the same for promoting their products. Single window arrangement for obtaining technological consultancy. To provide a platform to share ideas and interact with stakeholder and may help in meeting demand with supply.

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Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (MoDoNER) deals with the matters relating to the planning, execution and monitoring of development schemes and projects in the North Eastern Region. Mandate of MoDoNER is also to coordinate with various Ministries/Departments primarily concerned with development and welfare activities in NER. There is a requirement to view the status of all projects/schemes ongoing/completed by various Ministries/Departments in NER. The entire information may be available under one roof and accessible to all. It may help in bringing transparency in the system as all the information will be available in public domain. The requisite information may be as under:

State Ministry/


Name of Project/


Budget Sanctioned Date of Sanction Deadline Current Status

Single Information Center


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  • The photos of completed projects and visual animated graphics i.e how would be the project after completion should be available on the app and a feedback system for this. DoNER’s website linked with social Networking sites i.e twitter,Facebook.
  • Toll free No. for NER with IVR options like you want information on which state and which project with IVR and SMS based feedback system.
  • Auto SMS forwarding system for the people in region in which the project has been taken up. Project completion status may be sent to the people in the region that the project has been started and you can now avail it. A URL link may also be sent in the sms which will  take to the app where all the details of the project will be available.
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Database on all the information related to cancer should be available on the app along with the Route map to near by hospitals and list of best cancer hostipal. Virtual Nurse service, Nurse at home ,counselling services , NGO support, ambulance services, insurance services and companion delivered via mobile app thorough video calling ,voice calling and IVR based support. Individual Account based reports and other medical details, progress reports and Doctor appointments. Cancer patient community Support on the concept of social networking sites.

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  • Mobile App to explain the details of famous products (Bamboo products, Agriculture, etc.) of north east state wise which can be interfaced with the website of Ministry of DoNER and solve following problems related to products
  • Availability/Accessibility of products.
  • Advantages of products.
  • Digital Marketing of Products (like NEHHDC and NERAMAC, for example the cost in the market of these  products is often less than even from purchased online and to create awareness among people to purchase these products).
  • Handicrafts and handlooms in NE Region may be popularized by building a mobile app may be developed which may provide details related to different types of traditional handlooms and handicrafts as per the person’s current location ,his interest in particular dress form/state in NER. He can also upload the image of the dress and check the history related its origin and its transformation.

Sample data required: Yes; Images of various handlooms and handicrafts, google maps.

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North East is bestowed with beautiful handicrafts , handloom products, different forms of dance and also emerging as a tourist hub. There is a need to promote Dance forms, Handloom and Handicrafts, Festivals and Cultural Events, Tourist and religious spots and dresses of North East and this can be done by developing Games and Applications.

For example, a treasure hunt, where a person finds different handicrafts items or matching memory game for matching different dance forms with the respective State.

Problem faced by tourism industry in the North East is the lack of adequate and reliable tourism infrastructure. Tourism in NE may be enhanced if the tourist has a faith on the place they are visiting . For this a mobile app may be developed which may provide details related to Air and road connectivity, infrastructural facilities at tourist sites and at nearby places in terms of accommodation, transport, banking including credit card use, drinking water, sanitation, health care. A rating based on tourist reviews  and their feedback can be shown which can build their confidence. This may even be used to display various tourist spots as per the tourist preference of certain location like Historical, mythological, nature etc.

Sample data required: Yes; Google maps and data will be modified as per the new landmarks added.

Total Submissions : 11

North East is emerging as a touring hub. So there is a requirement of system which will provide information regarding the best place to be visited in any hour. The information may be comprises as under:-

  • State-wise Tourist Circuits along with Photographs
  • How to reach-nearest railway Station, bus stand or private Vehicle.
  • Stay and Cost
  • Best Season to visit

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  • Website of Ministry of DoNER is not user friendly; there are many problems.
  • Favicon is missing from site.
  • Eye catching-Picture Gallery/videos containing events/activities of Ministry in NER
  • Notice board containing latest news.
  • State Profile-Readily available information.
  • Link of social media
  • Site is totally disturbed in android, Iphone, ipad, user can not open on mobile.
  • Search functionality of website.
  •  Navigation not clear.
  • Site map.

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