Ministry of AYUSH

The Ministry of AYUSH is a governmental body in India purposed with developing, education and research in Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine), yoga, naturopathy, unani, siddha, and homoeopathy, Sowa-rigpa[1] (Traditional Tibetan medicine), and other Indigenous Medicine systems. All India Institute of Ayurveda is representing this ministry in the Smart India Hackathon 2017 and they have identified 15 problem statements.
Total Submissions : 10
  • As on today, there are nearly 8 lakh AYUSH practitioners in India. They are registered in their respective state councils. As per state norms, the registration needs to be renewed after a certain period. At the central level, there is also a process of registering those AYUSH practitioners. However it is very cumbersome.
  • We need a portal that can pool all the relevant registration details of such practitioners from all over India at a single platform.

Sample data required: No

Total Submissions : 13

There has been resurgence in use of Ayurvedic medicine throughout globe. With increase in consumption, reports of side effects are also surfacing. With Pharmacovigilance programme in place, reporting of adverse events of an Ayurvedic drug is ensured. However, the process of reporting is manual and cumbersome. We require a mobile based app that makes the reporting of adverse events easy and that could be submitted ahead for further analysis of the obtained data. An app that could be similar or customized for Ayurveda, Unani, Homoeopathy & Siddha Medicines.

Sample data required: Yes; hackathon-ay3-sample-data

Total Submissions : 7
  • Problem statement: Ministry of AYUSH offers various types of grants under its different Schemes. These projects on approval of authority are funded by the Ministry of AYUSH and are to be completed within a definite time frame.
  • As of today, there is no system/portal/app for online monitoring of these schemes/ projects.
  • We need an interface through which the in-house (in the Ministry / Research council) real time monitoring of the submitted project is facilitated in terms of its timelines and deliverables till it’s last date of execution.

Sample data required: Yes; hackathon-ay2-sample-data

Total Submissions : 7
  • Ministry of AYUSH through its research councils invites research projects from its various stakeholders (academia/researchers/scientists/industry). These projects on approval of authority are funded by the Ministry of AYUSH and are to be completed within a definite time frame.
  • As of today, there is no system/portal/app for online submission of these projects/grant applications. We require an interface through which the interested individual can directly upload the research protocol in desired format as well as a method to check the real time status of submitted project with respect to its approval/rejection and on acceptance various timelines for assorted tasks, project status report, monitoring etc.

Sample data required: Yes; hackathon-ay1-sample-data (format for project submission is available at ‘’ under EMR project.

Total Submissions : 16

Ministry of AYUSH is currently having a website. An app version of it would enable the user to access the same conveniently.

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State-wise distribution of Post Graduate AYUSH colleges and their admission capacity
State-wise distribution of Under Graduate AYUSH colleges and their admission capacity
State-wise and Sex-wise AYUSH (Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy) registered practitioners (Doctors)
State-wise distribution of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Sowa-Rigpa and Homoeopathy) hospitals, beds and dispensaries
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  1. Prakriti (Vata, Pitta & Kapha)-  has been most notable basic construct of Ayurvedic health care philosophy. Prakritiis assessed by an individual’s Anatomical, Physiological and Psychological features.
  2. An app would facilitate in identifying Prakriti of an individual in short time and more accurate using the image comparison for specially for anatomical features of the Prakriti.

Sample data required: Yes; hackathon-ay-7812121415

Total Submissions : 11
  • A major problem which the practitioners of AYUSH systems face is the difficulty of identifying and finding geographical location of medicinal plants.
  • Solution is needed which would help the users to identify the medicinal plant based on morphology using image technology and also find location of the plant geographically on the map.

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Total Submissions : 10
  • There are hundreds of ASU & H drug manufacturing units in India. These manufacture and sell a wide range of classical and patent/proprietary medicines. Many times, it becomes difficult to locate the units in respect to their authentic certification (GMP / ISO certified or not), quality of drugs manufactured by them, repository of drugs manufacture in terms of classical/patent-proprietary medicines, rates of various preparations etc.
  • We need a web based application that could pool all such drug manufacturing units at a single place along with the necessary information related to their manufacture.

Sample data required: No

Total Submissions : 8
  • Ample research is taking place in AYUSH sector across various research and academic institutions. Most of these are carried out by post graduate or doctoral research scholars as a part of their MD and PhD thesis respectively. Research councils are also performing research on various areas through their attached organizations. Most of the time researchers/ authorities are not aware about it , therefore there are chances of duplication.
  • We require an online registry system for the research topics of PG / PhD thesis/ research projects conducted throughout the country. After successful registry, the system should generate an acknowledgement number or registration number, though which the concerned person can be traced for any sort of research problems arising therein. This should be openly accessible to all the registered scholars, after loging.
  • The platform will provide an account of all research work carried out in any Institution across country for avoidingt any duplicity/plagiarism. It will also be helpful in associating like minded researchers/scholars for fulfilling their research needs.

Sample data required: Yes; hackathon-ay10-sample-data

Total Submissions : 5
  • With an intent for promoting research in ASU & H sector and providing quality ASU & H medicine to the end users, it is necessary to check the quality standards of prepared medicine. There are a lot of small scale drug manufacturing units across country who finds it difficult to access/locate the laboratories involved in quality control process.
  • We require a web based portal that can serve as a database for all such laboratories located across our country providing research facilities, quality control facilities as well as status of various tests that they carry out along with available equipment/machine/instrument with them to choose from.

Sample data required: No

Total Submissions : 7
  • The flora of India is one of the richest in the world due to the country’s wide range of climate, topology, and environment. Many plant species are being destroyed, however due to their prevalent removal roughly 1/4 of all plant species in the country are at risk of being endangered or going extinct.
  • Solution is needed to track these medicinal plants so that their exploitation of the medicinal plants would be prevented.

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Total Submissions : 16
  • With a mass inclination towards AYUSH system of medicine in recent time, there is scarcity of authentic practitioners and health care providers. More and more people are using the online consultation which at many times is not from an authentic source.
  • An application that can help in looping the AYUSH health care experts across various Institutes and Hospital of our country, whereby the patient can directly avail his expertise/services/advice even from a remote location of country.

Sample data required: Yes; hackathon-ay6-sample-data-and-clarification

Total Submissions : 5
  • Academic institutions and research councils are having huge infrastructure and manpower. Many a times it is necessary to locate certain employee/resident/consultant/scientist in case of some emergency or for discussion of an urgent piece of work.
  • We need an application that can locate the concerned person in real time.

Sample data required: Yes, hackathonay5-sample-data-and-clarification