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UGC maintains many facilities in STEM by way of inter-university centres, centre for excellence etc. Some of such centres share the resources effectively with other stakeholders. They encourage usage rate, for example lab facilities of IUCAA, Pune is visited and used by thousands per year. There are other facilities too coming directly under MHRD or in institutions of national importance which can be utilised by a wider academic audience.

Currently word-of-mouth and respective websites are the sources of sharing such information. The information on such facilities is not available on disciplinary basis. If someone wants to know what are the best facilities available in brain-mapping in India, the only way is to depend on word-of-mouth or sporadic/independent websites or go by the opinion of professors, if accessible. For each discipline if we can create a single platform for top facilities, it can be of much use to researchers and policy makers alike.

For example, in the area of astronomy, the new digital platform can tell us which are the top astronomy museums, top libraries in astronomy where access to public is permitted, important resource centres, annual events, historically significant institutions and places in the study of astronomy in India, think tanks etc at once.  These resources can be paced as per the level of expertise required to use it. Beginner resources (meant for general public and primary school students), intermediate and advanced (meant for researchers, mainly lab facilities). This will be a great push for encouraging STEM  from school level to research level in a single venture.

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