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Public Financial Management System (PFMS) is the single payment gateway for all payments from UGC from this financial year onwards. To make use of the reporting capabilities of PFMS, it should be compatible to the internal data management mechanism. Currently, most UGC Regional Offices depend on old versions of MS-Office and d-base. The internal data management of bureau are not uniform.

Lack of uniformity among different offices/bureau on data management practices has at least three limitations. Firstly, it duplicates most works on the grant-giving aspect in the office. Secondly, capabilities of PFMS as payment gateway and e-office as office management tool remain underutilised. Thirdly, the work becomes more error-prone as many records are duplicates. For example, Grant-in-aid bill and PPA advice are duplicates. By aligning internal database with the payment gateway, we will be able to meet the information requirements of internal stakeholders (Ministry, Parliament, Our own offices etc) more effectively and efficiently. We will be able to give more inputs for policy making.

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