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The UGC is supporting large number of institutions, deemed to be universities and state / central universities to undertake research work and achieve ranking in world class institutions. There are many new universities have been set-up having recruited young faculty members with innovative ideas but despite of much recourse theses are not able to win patents / good projects, publish in high-impact research journals, develop socially applied  products, and get cited for internationally recognized language and cultural research for acquiring good ranks among world institutions. It is generally felt that the research work, in Indian institutions, left mostly at preliminary level and the researchers have to handle all the allied work themselves which thwart the advanced research in potential areas with potential ideas. An Internal Research Management Systems (IRMS) may be developed for research support to the academic researchers. The IRMS may enable interface with facilitative tools for researchers and university administration to sort out the potential ideas and applied support to qualified ideas through a team of statistician, patent experts, data analyzers, market experts and network of UGC specialized Inter University Centres, possibly in following manner:

  1. Researchers may log-in to share confidential research ideas at any level with institutional research support team on IRMS.
  2. The potential ideas may be sorted out based on the survey of literature about published work / products available in the market / patents etc with integrated online secured data analyzer.
  1. Sorted out ideas may be available to the Research Director / Vice-Chancellor Log-in for discussion with seed idea of  concerned faculty / researcher.
  1. The qualified ideas may be formulated to a research proposal for financial support, or internal research for possible  patenting, or as industrial project as the case may be with institutional research support a team of statistician, patent  experts, data analyzers, market experts who may be the faculty members of different departments of the University or might have been appointed specifically for the purpose.
  1. The IRMS should identify the research facilities available for sophisticated instrumentation with UGC – IUCs and other  scientific institutions based on the research methodology entered / modified by the researcher / research director.
  2. The IRMS to have integrated tool for literature survey / patent search / call for projects and market data in the thrust areas identified by the institution.
  3. It should have dedicated and secured work platform for each member of institutional research support team, say statistician, experimental toxicologist, advocate, patent experts, data analyzers, market experts etc.
  4. It should generate reports on :* Thrust area wise ongoing research projects

– Total external funding secured by the institution – area wise, year wise

– Plots and reports of research outcomes, PhD produced, patents, publications with statistical reports on H index, Cumulative Impact Factor, Total Citations, External Citations and Country wise Citations etc.

– Department wise and faculty wise research data

-Artistic and literary copyrights secured by faculty.

-Availability of faculty / academic teams(s) for undertaking Govt projects under Extension activities with available support  resources in related field reflecting capability to operationalize.

Sample data required: No