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The UGC provided funding to eligible institutions/faculty and students under number of schemes in higher education sector. Every scheme has its identified objectives and outcome parameters under which the success of the schemes is viewed at the time of review. It is in the interest of UGC as well as Ministry to have clear picture of the performance of a particular scheme being implemented with specific goals. It become difficult for the section staff to collect the relevant date from grantee institutions / beneficiaries and to project the outcomes in proper and desired manner which is very much required to focus our institutional performance and achievements. Scheme wise outcome analyzer may help the bureau to present the physical financial status and output with respect to set goals at various time points for state / sector / community, gender and overall nation.

Such Outcome Analyzer for Skill Development Schemes viz. CC, B.Voc and KAUSHAL may be developed which should be enabled for three way inputs from UGC, approved institutions as well as from enrolled students / learners to provide the one click status of funding with respect to the following:

  1. State wise, trade wise and level wise approved intake in skill based vocational courses.
  2. State wise, institution wise, trade wise student’s enrolment for General/ SC / ST / OBC / Minority and Women.
  3. Integrated auto calculation for data submitted by the institutions through their interface on above parameters to generate reports about state wise, trade wise, level wise, category wise and Country Report for students enrolment in skill based courses.
  4. Similar reports for students exit, RPL, lateral entry and employment of the pass-outs.
  5. Integrated learner’s profile tracer to track their employment / career advancement / salary and related information for outcome data like % of learners employed, correlation the skills levels and salary structures, impact of training on career advancement / salary of learners etc.

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