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The universities and colleges have adopted Choice Based Credit System in most of their courses which involves Core Courses, Foundation Courses (FC), Electives (generic / discipline specific / open), Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC), Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC), and Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC) etc.  These courses are to be pursued across the various departments of the institution and sometimes across the institutions which have MoU under the provisions of CBCS. One of the critical problems that institutions are facing is to manage the academic Time-Table for various courses enabling the option for students to take-up electives, FC, SEC, AEC and AECC which may be available through from departments / institutions other than where he/she enrolled for core subject. If, such software with matrix based algorithm may be developed as digital tool for operational management of academic time table, it may serve for the best use of academic infrastructure and human recourses in our academic institutions with greater facilitation to the students under CBCS.

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