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North East is bestowed with beautiful handicrafts , handloom products, different forms of dance and also emerging as a tourist hub. There is a need to promote Dance forms, Handloom and Handicrafts, Festivals and Cultural Events, Tourist and religious spots and dresses of North East and this can be done by developing Games and Applications.

For example, a treasure hunt, where a person finds different handicrafts items or matching memory game for matching different dance forms with the respective State.

Problem faced by tourism industry in the North East is the lack of adequate and reliable tourism infrastructure. Tourism in NE may be enhanced if the tourist has a faith on the place they are visiting . For this a mobile app may be developed which may provide details related to Air and road connectivity, infrastructural facilities at tourist sites and at nearby places in terms of accommodation, transport, banking including credit card use, drinking water, sanitation, health care. A rating based on tourist reviews  and their feedback can be shown which can build their confidence. This may even be used to display various tourist spots as per the tourist preference of certain location like Historical, mythological, nature etc.

Sample data required: Yes; Google maps and data will be modified as per the new landmarks added.