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  • Currently a lot of skilled and semi-skilled labor force is employed as domestic help in homes, gardeners, drivers, neighbor hood electricians, carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, cooks, sweepers in household ecosystem. There is also a huge demand for people in public and private offices for computer operators, data entry operators, typists, peons, security guards etc.
  • Even in the commercial space, people are employed as caterers and cook in marriage parties or restaurants, or as assistants in showrooms, helper staff in private hospitals, accounts handlers in small firms etc. Even organized industries like Bollywood employ on a daily basis, skilled people ranging from stunts-men to technicians for ad hoc assignments. Usually these employers look for prospective person using an informal network and local knowledge.
  • India has availability of skilled workforce and demand. This workforce may not be formally trained / certified or may not get linked to the person who needs their products / services. Such linking with training and customers gives an opportunity for value addition in terms of quality of services and customer satisfaction.
  • In order to bridge the gap between these potential employers and skilled labor force, a web based mobile platform can be designed on which can use the database of skilled force to link the prospective employers of skills to those with skills.
  • Design and suggest a Digital solution to achieve the above objective for creating such backward and forward linkage location wise, taking a city as a base for this problem.

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