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  • With 1 million youth entering the job market every month, vocational pathways as an alternative to academic stream is imperative. While several thousand skill centres have opened across the country, informed decision making on which trade a candidate undertake training is lacking. This is because there is information asymmetry. If youth had access to relevant information (online) – they can make an informed decision on choice of trade and opt for appropriate training.
  • Information such as:
  • Options available (sectors and job roles)
  • Access: where such training is available
  • Cost – free or paid
  • Academic requirements 5) Job prospects
  • Estimated wages
  • Career progression etc.
  • Would greatly assist in making appropriate choices. There could also be provision of psychometric tests which could provide suggestions on trades which would be most suitable. This would be empowering for candidates and potentially improve outcome   metrics as also reduce dropout rates which are currently high.
  • Design and suggest a Digital solution to achieve the above objective.

Sample data required: No