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An integrated steel plant project is spread out in a vast area, where simultaneous and parallel activities are going on in various locations. The resources in terms of Manpower, Engineers, Machinery etc. need to be deployed judiciously for most effective use. The project coordinator usually calls for a meeting on a daily basis for communicating deployment and plan of action.
As an example, presently if say a 300 T crawler crane need to be shifted from point A to point B, the requirement of this shift location itself will be known to the coordinator in a couple of days. Then communication of this requirement to the crane operator through his controlling agency takes another day. Effective implementation takes another day. All this time can be saved by real time data availability and communication through a mobile app with real-time satellites imagery of the project site area available to the project coordinator.

We need to have a mobile app using advanced satellite imagery technology that will generate real time status to the project coordinator and give the status of resource deployment to enable him to take quick and effective decisions.

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