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The control of the angle of Pelletizing disc in an Iron ore Pellet plant is presently done by the operator in the field by visual inspection and lot of manual intervention is involved making the process highly in-efficient. The oversize and green balls that are formed and conveyed to conveyors need to be re-circulated leading to increase in re-circulation load.

A simulation software can be developed which will control the various parameters by taking feedback during the actual ball formation process (Size, Degree of Compaction etc.) on the pelletizing disc to minimize formation of green balls . Simulator should be able to detect the ball dia as it is formed, the %age of qualified pellets formed in the acceptable range ie., 9 to 18mm dia for segregation. Various parameters to be considered are:

  1. Disc inclination
  2. Disc speed
  3. Moisture in the feed mixed material
  4. Granulation of the input material
  5. Quantity of feed material Etc.

Sample data required: No