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MECON is carring out the pelletizing plant design and the process happens in five stages. Drying m (40 Deg C to 100 Deg C), Preheating (100 Deg C to 1000 Deg C), Firing (1000 Deg C to 1300 Deg C), Recuperation (1300 Deg C to 1000 Deg C) Cooling (1000 Deg C to 100 Deg C).

These steps are carried output on a straight grate machine or a grate kiln and cooler machine. So the moving parts of these equipment are very critical in nature since they are continuously subjected to cyclic variation of temperature. MECON face major problem in selecting the most suitable material for some of the critical components like pallet cars, which are subjected to varying temperature cycles from 40 Deg C to 1300 Deg C and to 100 Deg and to 40 Deg C. As these equipment’s keep rotating, the equipment’s are subjected to this cyclic variation. This temperature ranges vary based on the input raw material characteristics and also the type of fuel used.
If an app can be developed, where in large data base of material is listed in the library or can access any central server having this data and can instantly suggest the material available based on the raw material characteristics, this would be a major help in developing equipment indigenously.

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