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MECON is an engineering consultancy organisation under Ministry of Steel, GoI. As part of our everyday work, MECON creates, receives & transmits numerous documents. As these documents are our most valuable asset, MECON would like to preserve documents in a systematic manner for use in future projects.

Hence, a smart web application based Electronic Document Management System is required. The software must have the following features as a minimum:

  • Store, segregate and index the documents in a database on a central server, Search facility using keywords.
  • Auto-generate a unique number which may be used to locate, know the present status/ version, trace the work flow of the document.
  • Auto generate the document index pertaining to a certain project, Controlled access to documents
  • Provision for flow of documents for purpose of assignment to multiple users. May have features of attaching a file, approval, comment, rejection, remarks etc. The user who receives any assignment, should receive a notification/ flash message etc.
  • Web access to vendors for submitting and knowing status for their submitted documents

Secure distribution of documents, Scalable to increased no. of users.

Sample data required: No