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The basic idea behind the NRLM gov. scheme/program is to organize the  people in rural areas into SHG (self Help Groups) and make them capable of self-employment by helping them start some entrepreneurial activities. These SHGs provide various offerings in form of products and services which can be used on demand basis by any individual. Key problems encountered are :

Restricted growth, localization of products and services, Limited exposure to vast market (consumption within small geographical area), limiting or reducing the demand and supply requirements.

Currently, products made by SHG groups in a particular area offer lower quantity, several types products. Provision for enabling SHGs within a particular area to produce same type of output product so that the volume is more, thus attracting an entrepreneur/investor/buyer to source from that region itself and avoid searching otherwise.

Solution is needed to analyze these gaps and challenges and create a solution which would enable better and transparent process of buyer-seller mechanism.

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