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Release of funds are done in installments with each installment linked to the successful completion of a house construction stage. House photo has to be captured and uploaded after completion of each stage of construction, which is verified and validated by designated official. Only after successful verification, the funds are released to beneficiary. Challenges faced are:

  • A house construction stage may be complete but only after the official visits the house and inspects, can the funds be released thereby introducing delay in inspection and ultimately release of funds.
  • Lack of standardization in quality/type of photographs (Pics clicked using different camera resolutions)
  • Physical travel required by official to perform inspection of houses in his applicable area.
  • Difficulty in identifying visible changes w.r.t. houses construction/density for any selective area/region.

Solution is to be developed which is able to assess and flag the probable areas that have higher instances of non progress in construction.

Sample Data Required: No