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Tuna inhabits over a wide range of ecosystems and hence search for these resources by fishery fleets/vessels are a high cost activity. ESSO-INCOIS has streamlined the operational generation of Tuna fishery advisories using the satellite derived parameters that helps fishermen to catch Tuna fish.

The idea is to enable users to generate their own decision support for Tuna Fisheries using a desktop application with basic features like retrieving & storing of satellite images & in situ data from INCOIS server, create suitability maps based on satellite parameters threshold, offline geo-processing capabilities like analysis, data management, geostatistics, data interoperability, editing etc, create user-friendly maps and texts. Parameters threshold for suitability maps should be customisable at the user end so that best suited observed value can be incorporated. The application should be able to store onboard fishing operation details, as feedback, to be provided by fishermen.

Sample Data Required: Yes (Satellite images, parameters threshold)