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Coast lines are changing its positions constantly. There is a need to have a software /mobile app to  know about the coastal changes over the period for better coastal management
To develop a desktop /mobile application for Coastal change analysis system using open source software using  time series shoreline change. The application should be capable to estimate  /identify  the area specific changes along the Indian coast with options of selecting multiple conditions such as year, location/region and shoreline. The software should provide a variety of information that uses poly line as representation of shoreline position at a specific point in time. The standalone app should have the capabilities like geo-processing, geo-tagging, geo-statistics, and data management. Open access maps would help different end users in easier decision making and implementation of management plans. Application shouldinterfacing with the desktop, web and Android device.

Sample data is required:  Yes

State-wise Detail of The Coastal Accretion/erosion Shoreline Changes Along The Indian Coast (In reply to unstarred question for 2nd May 2016)(From : Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation)