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Parallelization of the Tsunami application (consisting of TUNAMI-F2 and TUNAMI-N3 models) on a suitable platform to incorporate multiple nested grids B, C, D for single A grid for gaining performance while retaining the accuracy of output and to modify the given code so that it produces separate output netcdf files for each of the grids A, B, C and D.


TUNAMI-F2  – Far field tsunami combines transoceanic propagation and detailed simulation in coastal water with linear long wave equation.

TUNAMI-N3 – linear long wave theory using spatial grid length varying from coarse grids in deep sea to fine  grids in shallow sea.)

These numerical simulations are applied on specific area of interest in the ocean. The area of interest is considered with certain assumptions at the beginning of the computation. The region is divided into sub regions B, C and D with their spatial and temporal grid lengths vary as 9:3:1 respectively. Vertical walls are set in place of slopes and computation not carried out on water depth shallow than 0.1cm. The application uses TUNAMI-F2 to solve Grid A and TUNAMI-N3 to solve B, C and D grids.

Sample Data Required: Yes (Tunami F2 and N3 Model Codes and boundary co-ordinates for each grid).