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Currently, INCOIS receives different marine meteorological and oceanographic data in real-time from various oceanographic platforms (~ 100) viz., wave rider buoys, wave height meters, ship mounted AWS, coastal AWS, tide gauges etc., through  INSAT communication system. Each platform is configured to send combination of sensor data at different intervals (i.e. 1 minute to 3 hours). The data are received in binary format and stored into a local hard disk.  The raw data files are then extracted as per the programme ID, platform ID in the prescribed format and pushed into database.  Further, quality control procedures are applied on these data (such as position check, time check, range test, spike test)  and are disseminated to users and user agencies through E-Mail and FTP in near-real time.

We wish to have a system which will enable us to receive this data without performing many read-write operation on the hard disk, i.e. on the fly extracting the data and pushing it to the database and parallely transmitting the data through E-Mail and FTP without fail. Incase of failure repeat the transmission for some predefined number of time.

Sample Data Required: No