Total Submissions : 8

A major requirements for all the organizations is securing the confidential documents. In current era, there are multiple ways in which data is regularly transferred from an organization. Hence it is necessary to have a mechanism for checking transmission of unauthorized/restricted data. Implement a solution which:

1.Flags any confidential document sent outside organization via email.

2.Flags any confidential document being uploaded on Internet Website

3.Flags any confidential document being copied to USB

Student is expected to declare/protect a doc file as confidential. Student should form a small network of 3 users using 3-4 computers with Internet connectivity. Student should share this document using (1) email (2) uploading on Internet and (3) copying to USB. The solution should generate the flag in methods (1), (2) and (3).

Sample Data: To be simulated by the participant

Notes: All the servers/services required for POC have to be simulated by the participants