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Secret and top secret documents are not at all shared. As per old procedure, such documents are printed and ensured that the softcopy is destroyed. In today digital world there is need to work out solution to protect such digital documents.

Problem 1: Since server and storage admins have unrestricted access over the system and its file system, the restricted document is accessible to them even if not shared. Workout solution to protect such document even from server and storage admins.

Problem 2: In event of physical breach to the servers, the documents must be protected. Workout solution to protect such document cannot be accessed even after stealing the storage hardware. Please suggest a solution other than encryption.

Student is expected to declare/protect a file as confidential and store it at a location on server. The specified file should not be accessible even with the root access of the server.

The student should mount the storage (hard disk) where the file is stored on another server/system and the file shouldn’t be accessible.

Sample Data: To be simulated by the participant.

Notes: All the servers/services required for POC have to be simulated by the participants