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This tool should be able to search a repository of ICMR funded projects (both intramural and extramural) and access publications from different sources (Pubmed, Journals, Books, etc) resulting from ICMR funding and create a database. Designated ICMR officials will validate publications, reports by designated officials

The Reporter database should be able to provide a single repository of reports , publications and patents and several tools to access reports and publications from each ICMR institute and different areas under extramural funding.

Further, the reporter should also be able to categorize ICMR funded extramural research by location. An ICMR Data Book may be created to provide basic summary statistics in tables and charts, on extramural grants, number of trainees and  fellows supported through ICMR grants.

Sample Data :  Provided as ANNEXURE I1  annexure-i1 and I2 annexure-i2