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We are a presently having the largest population of youth and that is the bedrock of our future. However, we are soon also going to have perhaps the largest population of the elderly and get the label of the Geriatric Nation. But these elderly have been the backbone of our nation and we must ensure that it remains strong- physically as well as mentally. It is the latter issue (mental) and the challenges that it entails that we wish to bring to the notice of make the youth to offer viable solutions. The elderly, as per the information gathered from Department of Geriatrics, AIIMS, tend to face gradual degradation of mental faculties which could lead to several disorders like Amnesia, Alzheimer disease, among others. One possible way to arrest the onset or at least lessen the impact of these challenges is to engage the elderly in mind games like Suduko, Chess, and so on. Based on our experience of keeping the kids engaged & interested in science by making unconventional and innovative Teaching Learning Materials (TLM), we had thought of also making some models, toys, games, etc. The youth brigade from Engineering streams can be roped in to develop Apps, Gaming, and the like, to address this challenge.

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