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One major problem faced in e-communication is that each agency has itsĀ  own isolated secure intranet but not connected to each other. Hence majority of communication is through hard copies or tedious process of downloading document on one internet/ intranet. Printing/ scanning and uploading in another intranet as most intranet require air gap to be maintained between Internet and Intranet. Organisation spends large amount of time & effort to convert hard copies to e-documents or vice versa and process them. We need an e-solution that will allow e-doc (Text/ Word/ PDF) from one intranet to another intranet or internet and vice-versa without violating the air-gap security breach or virus/ malware infection. This would reduce our processing time to produce a new standardization document significantly. This solution when applied to various defence networks would also provide major relief to communicate with ease across air-gap.

Additional Inputs:

  • Agencies maintain different e-mail id for correspondence on intranet and internet.
  • Process needs to automated to detect Text/ Word/ PDF attachment in incoming internet mail, download, use sensors to securely transfer across air-gap, convert back to Text/ Word/ PDF attach to intranet mail or folder.

Sample data required: No