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1.1st Stage Ship Design done using CAD software . The Data is stored in a OS level file systems.

2.2nd Stage – Product Data Management where Project & Work Completion schedules for every part designed in CAD is maintained along with quantity required in RDBMS like (Oracle/ SQL Server etc.) Predominantly it is OLTP based RDBMS.

3.3rd Stage – ERP itself where Project Data is linked with Inventory, Financials & HR. With exponential growth in Data Generated in ERP, generally enterprises are going for a Column based data storage.

4.4th Stage – Business Intelligence software where all the Data generated in past 3 stages should be consolidated and a 3 dimensional view of the Ship under construction should be projected. Generally this is stored in OLAP based RDBMS.

How to consolidate these 4  different formats of Data and present a consolidated picture.

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