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HAL  has  to  frequently collect information pertaining to different departments in soft copy form. This data has to be consolidated  at Division, Complex and Corporate Levels and further analytics will be done on top of this data. Right now, the collation of Data happens by sending a Template in Excel/ Word to concerned  personnel through HAL’s internal mailing system. The  filled in Templates thus obtained  are consolidated using Excel/ Word by Copy-Paste, applying some formulas etc. The problem with this approach is that Making the Template with required validation, Data type requirement etc is a very tedious Job. The data fields required also undergoes some changes after sending the Template. A solution can be suggested to generate a offline Data Capturing template in Excel/ PDF  by the program owner with fixed (locked) cells/ columns, so that users can fill in the data in those cells/ columns only. No additional cells/ columns can be created by users.  Also data types such as numeric, text and Date can be defined by the program owner and Data to be filled has to match these Data types. Later after collecting the data in offline mode, Data  to be migrated to a predefined table of Oracle Database. This will help in collecting data for various requirements and can be used in Dash Board etc.

Necessary assumption be made.

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