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HAL is servicing many aircrafts and Helicopters. The aircrafts and helicopters dispatched by HAL contains a Log-card containing the Data on all LRUs (line Replaceable Units)  fitted on the Aircraft. This Data includes information such as Serial No., Flying Hours, Next Service Due, etc. This information will be changing once the customer performs some operations/ maintenance activities at the bases. When the aircraft comes again for servicing at HAL, the updated log card comes in hardcopy and manually punched for various analysis. The requirement is to automate the process of Log card maintenance. Devise a solution with offline data storing mechanism that can be executed in a standalone PC.  The solution should enable capture of information relating to log cards and save it in the PC. A interface should also be provided for downloading the data in  different formats such as CSV, XML etc for uploading to other Transactional Systems such as ERP.

Assume up to 100 parameters for 50 types of platforms.

Sample Data Required: No