Total Submissions : 41

Airborne platforms e.g. Aircrafts, Helicopters, UAVs etc are used for surveillance and reconnaissance activities. It is required that the onboard imaging system should capture the moving objects on ground and perform data processing in real time to recognize the objects. Images shall be captured from the onboard camera installed on an airborne platform (Aircrafts, Helicopters, UAV etc). The identified ground moving object needs to be matched with pre-stored object signature. Accordingly, the object type needs to be recognized in terms of name of the objects(e.g. Car, Bus etc), object type (e.g. Car type: Swift Desire etc).

Input:  Image captured from the airborne platform, Predefined set of sample object images.

Output: Recognized object with the relevant information display like object name, object type etc.

Environment:  C/C++

Sample Data Required: No