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The radiation exposure to patients in diagnostic radiological exposure needs to be monitored as annual, 5 yrs and life time cumulative dose.
The data for individual patient for each investigation is available in DICOM format on CT scan, Angiography and digital radiography.
The data for each patient needs to be collated in software which will automatically push the DICOM data to a central server so that overexposure to the patient can be avoided.
So there is a need for availability of a user friendly software and apps for all standard radiological equipments which will have following features:

  1. Linking it to the UID number.
  2. Collecting the information for repeated investigations.
  3. Providing the radiation exposure related information to regulatory authorities like Atomic Energy Regulatory Board.

To come out with focused area wise & disease wise radiation exposure registries that will help to decide the reference dose levels.

Sample data required: yes; contact Prof SB Rajadhyaksha and Dr M.H Thakur