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Myths and unsound information about the different phases in production of Nuclear Power is a huge impediment in wide spread adaptation of Nuclear Power as a healthy mix of the Power generation spectrum due to paranoia. Lack of widespread education across the masses also leads to backlash and unfounded fears when the topic of Nuclear Power is raised. The stringent quality assurance and safety procedures followed by the Designers and Operators of Nuclear Power Plants are often the best in the world, but are quickly forgotten in the face of misleading claims by some proponents against the use of Nuclear Technology for societal benefits.

The aim of this problem is to come up with a novel and interesting digital platform to educate the general masses about the benefits of Nuclear Power. The “App” can include features such as:

Information about the various phases of Nuclear Fuel Cycle.
Comparison of pollution caused by Nuclear Power Plants as Compared to Conventional Thermal Power Plants.
3.    Information on Measures of Quality Control used in the design of Nuclear Power Plants.
4.    Current Installed capacity of Nuclear Power Plants and present power generation. This may be made based on real time data.
5.    Display of background radiation data. This may be based on real time data.
6.    Information on other uses of Nuclear technology such Isotope Production and use in Medical and NDT, Water desalination etc.

The App can be developed both for Android and iOS platform.

Sample data required: Yes; Content material will be provided; contact Dr A.K. Bhattacharya,