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To create a Tata Memorial Hospital App, for perusal of the patient while he is at TMH. Not all patients understand the use of website and online access, but they are well versed with Smartphone use.

Citing an example of a workflow of a patient visiting TMH, and is sent for a Radiological investigation.

Once patient registers, along with the file and smartcard, the App is self generated with the file number and App link is sent on patient’s phone. Patient may have a choice of language.

Autolink of patient’s hospital registration number with Aadhar number which can create background national registries.

The App is also connected to the Smartcard after security pin login, where patient can make all his payments through the App (the way paytm works)

TMH App may be linked  with inbuilt positioning system like GPS to show real time destinations to patients from one department to another.

The patient goes to his respective OPD.Here; the clinician enters the clinical details; asks for investigations and sends for further referrals.

  • This is auto entered into the App
  • The App page will have a To Do list :
  • Show where to go for the next appointment/referral.
  • Show which investigations, for each investigation :

-Fact sheet about the preparation for the investigation as required is popped, followed by an option of ‘I Agree’ (This improves the likelihood of reading).

-The dates available where patient can choose the slot.

  • With slot choice, the App asks for Payment for the procedure through the smartcard service linked.

This confirms his appointment and the appointment is registered with the worklist in Radiology Information System (RIS).

The App should send auto reminders to the patient on the day prior to his scheduled appointment along with auto reminder of the preparation at the hospital.

The report is reflected on the App, after entering a security passcode.

Sample data/information: Yes, contact Dr M.H Thakur

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