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Competitive exams are conducted all across the country and abroad. The OMR answer sheets duly sealed are brought to Delhi for further processing through OMR scanner. This takes time and vulnerability exists.

There should be some mechanism through which the OMR answer sheet are scanned through normal document scanner and uploaded from the examination center itself on a central server. The software will generate the acknowledgement having information about total OMR answer sheet uploaded against the strength of that center. It will also show the candidates allotted to that center, OMRs images received and candidates absent. This will also keep an audit trail report like time of initiating upload, total time taken in uploading, order of uploading, date and time stamp, IP address, location of uploading.
Now after uploading, we need to evaluate the OMR sheet through image processing i.e. the system should read the image uploaded, process the data and prepare the result. This way we will be able to do the evaluation timely and without any chance of any wrong doing.

Sample data required: No