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  • Ample research is taking place in AYUSH sector across various research and academic institutions. Most of these are carried out by post graduate or doctoral research scholars as a part of their MD and PhD thesis respectively. Research councils are also performing research on various areas through their attached organizations. Most of the time researchers/ authorities are not aware about it , therefore there are chances of duplication.
  • We require an online registry system for the research topics of PG / PhD thesis/ research projects conducted throughout the country. After successful registry, the system should generate an acknowledgement number or registration number, though which the concerned person can be traced for any sort of research problems arising therein. This should be openly accessible to all the registered scholars, after loging.
  • The platform will provide an account of all research work carried out in any Institution across country for avoidingt any duplicity/plagiarism. It will also be helpful in associating like minded researchers/scholars for fulfilling their research needs.

Sample data required: Yes; hackathon-ay10-sample-data