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As on today, in our country we are not having any master data base regarding campus placement in technical institute and Universities throughout the country. By mapping the entire placement details throughout the county, the percentage of un-employability can be identified in various fields of education. This will help the policy makers to come out with appropriate solution through framing of policies for tackling the unemployability in the country.

Provision of common platform in which the entire data base of campus placement of all technical institutes/ Universities throughout the country by interlinking it will be extremely useful for the Government/Policy makers to come out with appropriate solutions.

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National Institutions in Higher Education
Current enrolment across different education level in Higher Education
Gross Enrolment For Higher Education And Distance Education From 2007-08 To 2009-10
Faculty- wise Enrolment in Higher Education from 1985-86 to 2011-12
Number Of Recognised Educational Institutions Of Higher Learning, (All India) upto 2010-11
State and category wise male and female student enrolment for all education institution – 2011-12 to 2012-13
Category-wise male and female student enrolment in university and its colleges – 2012-2013