Ministry of Steel

Ministry of Steel coordinates policies for and facilitates the growth and development of the iron and steel industries. They have nominated MECON to represent their ministry in the Smart India Hackathon 2017. They have identified 31 problem statements for this initiative.
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Steel plants are facing challenges in efficient energy monitoring for cost reduction. The present days solution employs SCADA systems which heavily depends on different independent heterogeneous automation systems. The typical interfacing issues includes MS COM/DCOM based OPC technology at application level. The energy parameters which requires to be displayed on real time basis puts another challenges for data communication. The traditional approach for data communication requires physical interconnection of heterogeneous automation systems by adding redundant hardware like firewalls, routers, gateways PCs. This in turn also leads to increased vulnerability towards it security of critical plant process.

A proposal other than MS COM/DCOM which will not rely on complex OS level setting, can ease out interfacing issues. An alternative mechanism for data communication on real time basis is required.

Sample data required: No

Total Submissions : 10

An integrated steel plant project is spread out in a vast area, where simultaneous and parallel activities are going on in various locations. The resources in terms of Manpower, Engineers, Machinery etc. need to be deployed judiciously for most effective use. The project coordinator usually calls for a meeting on a daily basis for communicating deployment and plan of action.
As an example, presently if say a 300 T crawler crane need to be shifted from point A to point B, the requirement of this shift location itself will be known to the coordinator in a couple of days. Then communication of this requirement to the crane operator through his controlling agency takes another day. Effective implementation takes another day. All this time can be saved by real time data availability and communication through a mobile app with real-time satellites imagery of the project site area available to the project coordinator.

We need to have a mobile app using advanced satellite imagery technology that will generate real time status to the project coordinator and give the status of resource deployment to enable him to take quick and effective decisions.

Sample data required: No

Total Submissions : 16

MECON is an engineering consultancy organisation under Ministry of Steel, GoI. As part of our everyday work, MECON creates, receives & transmits numerous documents. As these documents are our most valuable asset, MECON would like to preserve documents in a systematic manner for use in future projects.

Hence, a smart web application based Electronic Document Management System is required. The software must have the following features as a minimum:

  • Store, segregate and index the documents in a database on a central server, Search facility using keywords.
  • Auto-generate a unique number which may be used to locate, know the present status/ version, trace the work flow of the document.
  • Auto generate the document index pertaining to a certain project, Controlled access to documents
  • Provision for flow of documents for purpose of assignment to multiple users. May have features of attaching a file, approval, comment, rejection, remarks etc. The user who receives any assignment, should receive a notification/ flash message etc.
  • Web access to vendors for submitting and knowing status for their submitted documents

Secure distribution of documents, Scalable to increased no. of users.

Sample data required: No

Total Submissions : 5

A software program that will calculate the surface area, volume, and tare weight and gross weight of a given geometric shape and also is able to give the shape as an output in a 3D AutoCAD compatible format.

The inputs in the front end software could be in the form of dimensions, bulk density, plate density, angle of repose etc. The output shape of say a steel bunker should also include the stiffeners the spacing & sizes of which are given as input in the front end page.

Sample data required: No