ATL Marathon 2019

Language : English / Hindi
Research, Ideate, Innovate , Implement Mindful Innovation for the Greater Good

This year we give you the opportunity to design your marathon! All the students of India will unleash their creativity and innovate for a better school environment and therefore a happier childhood.

Tell us about the problems you face within your school and that might just be the theme of this year's marathon and the entire country will work towards solving it.

  • Have you ever faced bullying in your school or online?
  • Do you feel discriminated against?
  • Are the surroundings of your school unsafe or unhygienic?

Or is there any other problem that you think could be solved for a healthy and peaceful society and its development. Here's your chance to do something about it!

No problem is too trivial and every problem has a solution.

Remember it is not a sprint but a marathon, so go slow and think hard on what you want to achieve with your solution. Reach milestones along the way and work towards creating a big impact in the school environment and the wellbeing of yourself and others facing the same problem.

The winning entry will not just be a best creator of a solution but it will be an entry that has thoroughly understood the problem, thought of an innovative solution to the problem and implemented it within their school and imagined the scope of implementing in more number of schools.

Phase 3 Research and Ideate! Begin Your Innovation Journey

The Marathon this year is focusing on problems highlighted by all the students of India.

We asked all of you, and you participated in large numbers to make Phase 1 and 2 of the ATL Marathon successful. Thank You!

The most frequently highlighted problems by students are the problem statements of the ATL Marathon 2019 that all our young innovators will solve for and implement within their school and community.

Themes Sub-Themes
Enabling outcome driven Quality Education
  • Innovate to make classrooms more interactive and learning more experiential
  • Innovate to integrate social, emotional and ethical learning in your school curriculum
  • Innovate to increase engagement and involvement of community schools in Atal Tinkering Labs and inculcate a spirit of innovation
  • Innovate to improve current learning aids provided in your school (textbooks, blackboards etc.)
Ensuring Inclusivity and Equality for all
  • Innovate to make your school administration (admission process, fee structure etc.) & its infrastructure (especially for divyang - jan or differently-abled) more efficient and tech savy
  • Innovate to enable an inclusive school environment for all (regardless of age, sex, religion, gender, caste, status etc.)
  • Innovate to enable infrastructure for inter-school connectivity across the schools of the country
  • Innovate to automate cleaning systems in schools in toilets (pots/urinals/washbasins), inside and outside classrooms and the school environment in general which can cater to a large area, a large number of students and all kinds of waste.
Enabling a sustainable Environment and Justice
  • Create solutions to counter the menace of bullying (physical, mental, cyber etc) faced by school students, teachers and staff
  • Devise solutions to create a safe environment for girls and women
  • Innovate to create an environmentally friendly school and community which is sustainable and energy efficient
  • Create solutions to resolve disparity between public and private schools
Enhancing Health and Hygiene
  • Innovate to improve mental and physical well-being of students, teachers, staff and/or community
  • Innovate to get clean water and air in your environment
  • Innovate to tackle the problem of Climate change
  • Create solutions for waste (dry, wet, sewage) management

In the next phase of the ATL Marathon, you need to SELECT A PROBLEM STATEMENT that you associate with from the list given above and RESEARCH AND IDEATE to solve it.

Note: You do not need to actually create prototypes or solutions to solve the problem in this phase. This phase is to only show us your understanding of the problem that you selected and think of an idea of how you want to solve the problem.

This phase is shortlisting phase. The top entries from this round will be shortlisted for Phase 4 in which the final solution will need to be developed and implemented.

For this phase:

  • Research
    • No one can effectively solve without understanding the problem in depth.
    • In this phase, you need to truly understand the problem by talking to your friends, teachers, neighbours, parents and community.
    • Conduct a survey, jot down the answers and analyse the response.
    • Write down your findings and your in-depth understanding of the problem.
    • The student team that submits the most thorough and complete research and understanding of the problem will be shortlisted.
  • Ideation
    • Now that your team has understood the problem after Step I of Research, think of ideas on how you can solve the problem using Techno Art or Science & Technology.
    • Tell us your idea of how you want to solve the problem. How will you ensure that it will be used?
    • You can submit a sketch or a plan for your idea. If selected for Phase 4, you can design and implement the solution to actually become the true innovators of your school, community and the country.

Phase 4

The most frequently highlighted problems by students are the problem statements of the ATL Marathon 2019 that all our young innovators will solve for and implement within their school and community.

In the next phase of the ATL Marathon, you need to

INNOVATE for the problem statement selected by you for the Research and Ideation


IMPLEMENT the solution within your school or community

Note: On popular demand, those who have not participated in Phase 3 can still participate in the ATL Marathon by first completing the Research and Ideation phase and then submitting their Innovation and Implementation.

The top entries from this round will be shortlisted and the winners will get exciting opportunities.

For this phase:

Innovate & Implement

  • Innovate and create a solution for the problem statement that you selected in Phase 3.
  • Submit a video and show us your innovation and describe how it solves the problem. Show us how you have implemented it within your school or your community.

Categories of Submission

Techno Art Solution

In addition to identifying and solving problems, this year, ATL Marathon also emphasizes on the importance of raising awareness, for it greatly aids in addressing societal problems that plague our nation Art offers a medium to express what words cannot And Technology has been providing artists with new ways to express themselves since a long time This year, in addition to the technological innovations, we're introducing a new category to incorporate art TechnoArt.

What is TechnoArt?

Nowadays, 3 D printers, drones, VR headsets etc are being used akin to paint and brushes to create art

From kinetic art to interactive installations to conductive paint, artists have found countless ways to integrate Art with Technology and voila, create TechnoArt

So, this year for the ATL Marathon, put on your artistic hats, identify a problem you're passionate to solve and innovate through TechnoArt !

Check out the below links to get started

Science & Technology Solution

Create a solution that should be implemented within your school to solve a real problem that you face leveraging technologies such as

  • Robotics
  • IoT and Sensors
  • Electronics
  • 3 D Printing
  • Drone Technology
  • Computational Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Any other technology/ innovation area

For Students and Schools

  • Applications can be submitted via the My Gov website.
  • Entry is open for ATL and Non -ATL schools.
  • A non – ATL school, to apply in the ATL Marathon 2019 can approach the nearest ATL School to work in partnership with that ATL (referred to as the Parent ATL Centre) and the non-ATL school shall be referred to as the Child School.
  • The Parent ATL Centre shall provide access to the Atal Tinkering Lab in their school and its equipment to the student/ faculty of the Child School as well as the necessary financial-aid to the Child School for any travel/ logistic arrangement in respect to the ATL Tinkering Marathon 2019 at any point of time till the completion/ submission of the project.
  • In addition to the above, the designated ATL In-Charge of the Parent ATL Centre shall also support the student(s) of the Child School by providing the necessary technical and mentoring support.
  • Kindly note individual entry is not allowed for any school. The non-ATL school (Child School) can participate by forming teams as mentioned below:
    • 01 non-ATL school student + 02 ATL school students = 03 students
    • 02 non-ATL school students + 01 ATL school student = 03 students
    • 01 non-ATL school student + 01 ATL school student = 02 students
  • If a non-ATL school (Child School) wishes to apply/participate in the ATL Marathon 2019, they have to submit an Undertaking (click here to view sample), duly signed and stamped by both the Principals of the Parent ATL Centre and Child School.
  • Submissions can be in English or Hindi only.
  • Only students from class 6th - 12th are eligible to participate.
  • One student can be a part of more than one team.
  • Participants shall keep their contact information accurate and up-to-date.
  • Participants shall provide correct and truthful information in registration and team creation.
  • No change/addition is allowed in the team/team members after submission of the innovation/registration and this original team, if selected, should be the team that participates in workshops, events and other opportunities awarded to them as competition winners. This applies to students who have graduated from school during the course of the competition as well.
  • Even though the Alumni of the school are more than welcome to use and tinker in the Atal Tinkering Labs, no student(s) after already having passed out of school may be allowed to participate/register for the ATL Marathon 2019.
  • If for any unforeseen circumstances, the original team that registered for the ATL Marathon 2019 needs to be updated, the principal on behalf of the school is required to send us an email explaining the reason for the change in team on the school letterhead along with a consent from the student who is being replaced and from the student who is being included in the team. The approval of the request is at the discretion of Atal Innovation Mission and the decision taken will be final and indisputable.
  • Jury has all the rights reserved. In case of any conflict, decision of the Jury shall be final.
  • Last date for submission in Phase 3 and Phase 4 is 17th May 2020.